MetFab is your best source for all of your fabrication needs. Outsourced manufacturing, job shop fabrication, proto-typing and field services.
Enclosures • Guards • Conveyors • Control Panels • Structural • Piping • Platforms • Tanks • Hoppers • Ductwork
Skids • Drains • Material Handling Equipment • Turbine Components

At MetFab we are pleased to give you a free quote on all of your fabrication needs, from small projects to plant-wide designs. We have the expertise in CAD to accept your drawings or sit down with you and propose a solution to your needs. Our years of experience will be invaluable to your bottom line.

If you already have a CAD drawing or a sketch, please remember to attach it to this e-mail quote request!

Please remember to give us a time frame in which you expect the work to be completed.

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